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There are current openings on the library Board of Trustees. We are in search of community leaders with a passion for reading and libraries, if this appeals to you, please consider coming on Board. Applications are available at the Front Desk. 

The Evening in the Stacks Silent Auction event is now open for bidding! 19 pieces of beautiful artwork donated by local artists are on auction in the journal area of the library.  A few pieces are on display.  Bidding sheets are available with item photos. Final bids and auction awards will be at the Evening in the Stacks at 8:30 PM. All items will be displayed at Evening in the Stacks! Check under Events for full details. View the items here: Auction Items


Mission: To serve and strengthen our community by supporting literacy and lifelong learning

Vision: IFL - Premier library and cornerstone for community life

We Value:  

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