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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Indiana Free Library represents the needs and interests of the community. The full board meets the first Wednesday of the month, with the exception of July. The make-up of the board permits two appointees from both Indiana Borough and White Township, the contributing municipalities within the service area and one appointed by the Indiana Area School District. The remainder of the board consists of At-Large members with an upper limit of 16. The limit of Pennsylvania law is generally 7-9.  New At-Large board members are elected by a majority of the full board and interested or potential members should contact the library or ask for an application at the Front Desk.

If you wish to contact the Indiana Free Library Board of Directors, please use this email address:

Meeting Agendas

                                    Indiana Free Library Board of Trustees

Meeting Agenda – 7:00 pm,  February 1, 2023

Mission:         To serve and strengthen our community by supporting literacy and lifelong learning

Vision:           IFL - A premier library and cornerstone for community life

Values:          Accessibility, respect, service, knowledge, quality, and lifelong learning.

Roll Call 7:00 PM

Minutes of the Wednesday, February 1, 2023 Meeting

Public Comments Session

Director’s Report — Kate Geiger                                                     

Standing Committee Reports:

Finance – Larry Feldman, Treasurer / Kim Dodds, Asst. Treasurer

1.    2022 year-end report

2.    Process for receiving funds from the John R. Coulson Estate

            Governance – Neal J Beer, Interim Chair

1.    Creation of ad hoc committee to review bylaws

2.    “Emeritus” status for retired board members                                   

            Facilities & Equipment – Carole Bush, Chair

1.    3D Printer update                                               

President’s Comments / Report – President Cunningham

1.)  Need for a Vice President.                

2.)    Update on Strategic Plan.                    

3.)    By laws ad hoc committee.                              

Old Business:

New Business:

1    Spring

2.    Stax Plans

3.    Application for new board member                   

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