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How To Help


There are so many ways you can support your library!

  • Write your state and federal legislators and demand that library service be viewed (and funded) as a necessary public service.
  • Help with PR, make a video of how your library supports you!
  • Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper in support of the library.
  • Speak up for libraries at campus or community groups.
  • Save money by using your library.
  • Share with a friend or neighbor about the great services the library offers.
  • Use your library! Every use of your library is an expression or vote of your support.
  • Attend local government meetings to urge councils,  supervisors and county leaders to invest in libraries as a vital community resource, one that will save substantial tax dollars in helping people of all ages to be more literate and productive. Did you know that the Return on Investment for libraries is $5.50, which means a value of $5.50 goes back into the community for every dollar invested!  Good libraries help a community grow!

Thank you!


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