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Reconsideration of Collection Materials



Materials representing a diversity of viewpoints are acquired by the Indiana Free Library. They are evaluated as a whole and not on the basis of a particular text, illustrations, or passages.

The choice of library materials by users is a personal matter. While individuals may reject some materials for themselves, they cannot exercise censorship to restrict access to others. Responsibility for the reading of children and adolescents rests with the parent or legal guardian. Library materials will not be identified to show approval or disapproval of the contents, nor will they be physically segregated.

Recognizing that the variety of materials available in a medium sized public library may lead to some concerns, a procedure for reconsideration has been established.

A patron who wishes to question a particular item will be asked to speak first with the Director of the Library who will provide him/her with a copy of the library's Collection Development Policy. The material will be checked to determine if it adheres to standards set by the policy.

If the patron decides to pursue a complaint, he/she may complete a copy of the REQUEST FOR RECONSIDERATION OF LIBRARY MATERIAL and submit it to the Director of the Library. The Director, along with the appropriate Professional Librarian, will review the complaint then contact the user regarding the course of action decided upon. If the matter requires further attention, it will be brought to the Board of Trustees.

Reconsideration Request Form

This form is not reproduced here. It is available to patrons from the Director of the Library or at the Front Desk. The form asks the patron to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Organization Represented
  • Title of Material
  • Author
  • Children’s or Adult Department
  • How did you learn about this material?
  • Did you read or view the entire work?
  • Does the material have any positive value?
  • Please state your comments, suggestions, or criticism of the material as specifically as possible.

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