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Quality Customer Service Standards




  • Staff will acknowledge every customer with a pleasant verbal greeting and an open attitude that demonstrates approachability.
  • Staff will put the customer first by maintaining an awareness of their presence giving full attention to the patron and by interrupting routine tasks to give direct public service.



  • Staff will base service on the values of the organization rather than personal convictions.
  • Staff will respect customers by discussing their records in a non-judgmental and confident voice, using a moderate tone of voice. Privacy of records will be maintained.
  • Staff will use an appropriate verbal closure for each transaction.
  • Staff will present a clean and neat personal appearance.


Customer Education

  • Staff will apply the circulation policies and procedures accurately and consistently according to the Circulation Policy.
  • Staff will proactively inform the customer of circulation service related to their transactions.


Problem Solving

  • Staff will give each customer-focused attention throughout the transaction.
  • Staff will involve the customer in finding creative resolutions to their circulation related problem.
  • Staff will acknowledge customer concerns, suggestions, and complaints and share them with the director.
  • Staff will try to solve the customer's problems at the first point of contact. If the problem cannot be solved, it will be immediately referred to the director.

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