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Book Club Kits

Book Club Kits are available for check out at the library.  Each kit contains 15 - 20 copies of a title and a list of discussion questions.  Kits need to be reserved 1 month in advance of when they are to be distributed to a book club and are due 6 weeks after the checkout date.  This comes to us as a service through our District center in Johnstown.

  • Browse the many titles available here!

  • Once you have picked your title, you can request the kit at the library or by filling in the below form.  

First Name *
Last Name *
If your first choice is not available, do you have an alternate choice?
Your reservations should be for the day you want the book to be shipped to you. There must be at least a week between a kit's return date, and next reservation date.
Only fill this out if the person picking up the kit is different then the person requesting the kit.
Agreement statement
Book kits will be loaned for a 6-week period. The book kit, consisting of 15 books, must be picked up by the requesting card holder unless otherwise specified on the request form. (Anyone picking up the book kit must have an IFL library card.) Persons signing out materials are responsible for loss or damage of the materials, including replacement fees. If book kits are not picked up in a timely manner, a $5.00 fee will be assessed on the requesting card holder's account. Book kits are not considered returned without all 15 books and the accompanying folder.

Book Club Borrowing User Agreement

In order to ensure that all groups are able to utilize book kits, libraries/facilitators must agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • Reservations may be canceled by the district at any time. We will make every effort to provide the requested kit, and when this is not possible we will work with you to provide an alternate kit.
  • Reservations are contingent on the previous borrower returning the complete kit on time. If your requested kit is unavailable for this reason you will be contacted.
  • The book kits are checked out for six weeks, and cannot be renewed.
  • Book kits should be returned with all materials present. Damage to or loss of kit materials may result in a fine assessment.
  • It is the responsibility of the lending library/facilitator to ensure all materials are returned to the library. If materials are not returned the lending library/facilitator will be charged for any ensuing replacement costs or fines.
  • The replacement cost of a book is the cost of the book + a $5.00 processing fee.
  • Allow for 3 to 4 business days for a book kit to arrive. Your reservations should be for the day you want the book to be shipped to you.
  • Kits cannot be reserved within a week of each other.
  • Do not write on book kit materials including folders.
  • A kit is not considered returned until the folder and all books within the kit are returned.

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