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Chicken Chat

Saturday, March 4, 2023
1:00 pm2:00 pm
Community Room, 2nd Floor of the Library

Yes, eggs are expensive right now! But!! Before you buy chicks this spring!! Stop in the library a learn a little about those cute little balls of fluff you see in the feed stores!
Our resident crazy chicken lady and children’s librarian, Val and Tractor Supply Company employee, Shannon McCracken will be on hand to answer your questions about owning backyard chickens. We’ll also share online and library resources with you so that you can research anything you want about owning and raising chickens.
Some of our topics will be:
• Indiana Boro and Indiana County ordinances concerning backyard poultry
• Lifespans and the usual issues to expect when you own chickens
• Picking the right breed for your purpose (Eggs, Meat, or Companionship)
• What baby chicks need to survive and grow up to be big chickens
• What your big chickens are going to need
• What about unwanted roosters?
• Health issues & veterinary services
• Renting a flock
• And any other question you might have
• The best websites, social media pages, and blogs about chickens on the Web

As always, this event is free and open to the public and no registration is required. Why not drop in and chicken chat with us!

*Val has owned chickens her whole life and currently has a mixed flock of twelve hens. Right now, Val doesn’t have any other poultry or roosters, but she has raised Pekin, Rouen, and Muscovy Ducks along with many other breeds of chickens.
*Shannon owns a poultry farm near Indiana, PA and has worked at our local Tractor Supply for over ten years now.

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