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Youth Programs

Summer Reading 2021 Tails & Tales 

Summer reading starts Monday, June 14th and ends Friday, July 30th 

Online virtual programming: 

● Mondays: Birth through 5, posted on our website by 3 PM. (The weekly theme will match the Wild Wednesday theme for the week). 

● Tuesdays: Teens Tales, a combination of online meetings and pre-recorded videos posted to our website and our teen summer reading Facebook group at 3:00 PM. 

● Thursdays: Ages 6-12, posted on our website by 3 PM. (The weekly theme will match the Wild Wednesday theme for the week). 

The themes for ages birth-12 are: 

June 14th-17th--Conservation of our Tails (and tales). 

June 21-24th--Our Helpful Insect Tails. 

June 28th-July 1st--The Tails We Love. 

July 5th-July 8th--French and Indian Tales. 

July 12th-July 15--Wild Tails. 

July 19th-July 22nd--Wet Wild Tails. 

July 26th-July 29th--Those Beautiful Bird Tails. 

● Watch for special online virtual events posted throughout summer reading. ● You will find special games and activities included in the Make & Take Bags for kids to complete and return to the library for prizes. 

Summer Reading Minute Goals: 

Ages birth-5--200 Minutes (10 bedtime stories) 

Ages 6-12--300 Minutes (20 minutes a day for fifteen days) 

Teens--1000 Minutes 

**Remember, the Summer Reading Minute Log is separate from Summer Reading Registration as are the prizes. Call us if you need assistance with registrations. 

2021 Summer Reading Kick-off Meet & Greet 

When: June 14th, 10 AM-3 PM 

Where: Yellow Creek State Park, Beach Pavilion

We’ll be there to: 

1) Go through the steps of how to register for summer reading and also for the reading log.

2) Register kids who do not have internet capabilities at home. 

3) Go over how to navigate our website for the virtual programs and other online resources, browse the catalog to search for books they want to read, and how to use the GrabNGo service to get hold of those books. 

4) Provide healthy activities and games for those who want to play (The beach is right there, so many will most likely choose to swim). 

5) Provide a small snack and refreshments for a quick lunch (A brand new concession stand is on site and right beside the pavilion). 

6) Give out June’s Make & Take bags and other library swag. 

**For those who do not get to attend the Kick-off Party, Make & Take Bags will be available at the library for pickup starting on June 15th and during the hours that we are open for Grab N Go. Mondays: 4-7 PM, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays: 11-3. (This may change, so keep an eye out for the new open days and hours). 

**July’s Make & Take Bags will be available for pickup at the library during the week of June 28th-July 16th. No Make & Take Bags be available for pickup after July 16th. 

2021 Summer Reading Wrap-up Party

When: July 30th 1 PM-close. Free swim from 3:30-pool closing. 

Where: Mack Park, Playground Pavilion and Pool. 

At the end of summer reading, our wrap-up party will take place at Mack Park. Anyone who wants to participate in the free swim must register for the summer reading program before the cut-off date of July 16th, no exceptions. We will celebrate your summer accomplishments! 

There will be snacks, refreshments, and party cupcakes available throughout the event for all in attendance. Prizes will be awarded for completion of the various games and activities we will have throughout summer reading as well as any who have completed their reading goals. 

Outdoor programming

● Wild Wednesday’s: During summer reading, we will have a special outdoor program at the Waterworks Conservation Area just south on Sixth Street (Signs will mark the way). Wild Wednesday’s start at 10:30 AM and run till 1 PM (Parents and children may linger in the park after 1 PM).

A guest of the library will offer a short presentation on our theme (1/2-one hour), to kick-off the day: Tails and Tales. We follow up with an activity during a question and answer time. Library staff will leave after crafts are completed, but participants are encouraged to remain to enjoy the park. The park is open until dusk. 

*There are clean restrooms, a large pavilion with electric outlets, and a large charcoal grill for cooking on site. Trails with interpretive signs surround a large dragonfly pond and the nearby stream and woodlands. There is even an acid mine drainage interpretive spot onsite. This park is only 3 miles outside Indiana at the end of 6th Street. Signage will mark the way to the site. There is plenty of parking for all who attend. We will also take our pop-up gazebos and seating in order to provide all three groups with enough space to enjoy stories and work on crafts. A small snack & refreshment may be provided. 

1) June 16th--Welcome to Wild Wednesdays. Conservation of Our Tails. Ed Patterson of the Friends of the Parks will lead us on a tour of the conservation area and tell us why this special park was created. We will also perform housekeeping duties: Registering kids for summer reading, helping kids get to know how to use our various library services especially navigating the website and browsing the catalog in order to use the GrabNGo service to check out books. 

2) June 23rd--Our Helpful Insect Tails. Pollinators and Plants, Louisa Fordyce, Penn State Master Gardener will be on hand to talk to our kids about bees, butterflies, and other pollinators that keep our Earth so beautiful. She will also help us start planting flowers and other native plants in the gardens at Waterworks. The Friends of the Parks have graciously offered the use of their small pollinator gardens at the site to plant our own flowers and other native plants in them so that kids can experience the joy that comes with growing flowers and other plants to help nature. 

3) June 30th--The Tails We Love, Indiana County Humane Society will come out and talk about the types of pets that they have at the society for adoption and how to take good care of those pets. 

4) July 7th--French and Indian Tales, Artillerie de Rois will set up a living history camp and tell tales of how the British and French once fought in this very area over control of the lands in what becomes Indiana County, Pennsylvania. 

5) June 14th--Our Wild Tails, Lisa Meadows, Environmental Educator from Yellow Creek State Park. Lisa will bring her fur pelts with her and talk about the critters that wear those furs.

6) July 21st--Wild Wet Tails--Miranda (Mandy) Smith of the Southwest Region Education Specialist of the PA Fish and Boat Commission will present some cool information on the wet critters that inhabit our Pennsylvania streams and lakes. She’ll also lead us in a hands-on activity! 

7) July 28th--Those Beautiful Birds Tails--Todd Bird Club of Indiana, Armstrong, and Cambria Counties will be at the park to show us all the beautiful birds that hang out in Indiana County. We’ll walk around the dragonfly pond and try to identify each bird we see with the help of our club member. 

Other outdoor programming 

July 17th--Crick Critter Hunt--Evergreen Conservancy Park, Rayne Church Road, Tanoma, PA. We’ll gather at the park at 10:30 to get wet and hunt for the critters that live in the wetlands. Afterwards, we’ll do something really cool with the help of a member of the wetland staff! Tye dye a bandana using the iron collected from the wetland ponds.

Directions to Waterworks Conservation Area

Wild Wednesdays at Waterworks Conservation Area...Hmm...Where is Waterworks Conservation Area? Here are the directions!

1) Turn onto South Sixth Street from Philadelphia Street

2) Stay on Sixth Street going South out of town (It will turn into South 954).

3) Go exactly 2.3 miles.

4) You will make a LEFT turn onto LOWER TWO LICK ROAD (There is a small Blue Sign as soon as you turn off 954 that says that Waterworks Conservation Area is just ahead about 1 mile).

*The turn for Waterworks is just past the 119 Underpass and at the bottom of the very first valley you drive into coming out of town.

Don't worry, signs will also mark the way!!

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