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Youth Programs

2020 Summer Reading Program

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, all in-house events, such as storytimes and regular events have been postponed until it is safe for all of us to resume our normal programming. Some of these activities like Storytime at the Hen House, 2020 Summer Reading Program, and the We Be Book N' Tween Book Club are available online through our website, our Facebook page, or through Zoom and even YouTube! When we can resume in-house library programming and events, we will notify the community with the Indiana Gazette, this website, our local radio station at WDAD at 100.3 FM, and our Facebook page. Thank you for your understanding.

2020 Summer Reading Program: Imagine Your Story

IFL 2020 Summer Reading! Imagine your Story! Fairy & Folk Tales, Mythology, and Fantasy!


Even though our building is closed to patrons for your safety, the IFL Children’s Department has many fun activities planned for this special summer. You will still be able to find great books to take part in these wonderful annual events. We'll help you find out how! Prizes are involved for our young readers that read and take part in the many fun things we have planned.

  • Monday's are for the small ones, birth - 3 years of age and are named the Fablers.
  • Tuesday's are for kids aged 4-6 and they are called the Bards.
  • Wednesday's are for our oldest Storytellers at ages 7-12.
  • Thursday's are Summer School at Hogwarts for our teens.

If you missed a program this summer, don't worry! You are in the right spot for it!! Just click on the link you want and watch your video! 

Remember!!! We have extended the reading log until August 28th so that you may have more time to log in those reading minutes to win some really great prizes from the library for all your hard reading this summer!! Please also count each Fabler, Bard, and Storyteller program as twenty minutes of reading. Log that in, too! We will be giving out prizes for the best readers the first week of September, so read on and be ready to hear from us about your prizes!!

Mondays (Birth to Age 3)—Our Littlest Storytellers-The Fablers

This summer, we will be enjoying lots of stories from Aesop’s Fables. Who was Aesop and what are his fables? Aesop was a storyteller who lived a long, long time ago. His stories feature animals who get into some very strange situations.  More often than not, there is a lesson to be learned from these stories.


Did you miss a Fabler program? No problem. Here they are!

Fabler's June 8th, Town Mouse, Country Mouse.

Fabler's, June 15th, The Crow and the Pitcher

Fabler's, June 22nd, The Dog and the Shadow

Fabler's, June 29th, The Fox and the Crow

Fabler's, July 6th, The Hare and the Tortoise

Fabler's, July 13th, The Lion and the Mouse

Fabler's, July 20th, The Boy who Cried Wolf

Special Summer Reading Program, July 17th, Lisa and the Bears

Fablers, July 27th, The Astrologer

Tuesdays -The Bards, targeting kids 4 - 6 years old

This program will be for our Bards--those young story tellers who are four to six years of age. Shakespeare was the original bard. He wrote imaginary stories, plays, and poems and is considered the greatest writer of all time. Our fairy and folk tales are not as fancy as Shakespeare’s, but they still fascinate children and are familiar and loved by many of all ages.


Did my Bards miss a program? Look below for the one you're seeking!

Bards, June 9th, Jack and the Beanstalk

Bards, June 16th, Three Billy Goats Gruff

Bards, June 23rd, The Emperor's New Clothes

Bards, June 30th, The Bremen Town Musicians

Bards, July 7th, Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Bards, July 14th, The Elves and the Shoemaker

Bards, July 21, The Three Little Pigs

Special Summer Reading Program, July 17th, Lisa and the Bears

Bards, July 28th, Chicken Little

Wednesdays, (Ages 7-12) –Storytellers

On Wednesday’s, our Storytellers from seven to twelve will get to have fun with Tall Tales and Mythology.


Hey Storytellers! If you missed a program, look in the list below and I'm sure you'll find it!

Storytellers, June 10th, The Legend of Paul Bunyan

Mythology and the Stars, June 11th, Taurus the Bull

Storytellers, June 17th, Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest

Mythology and the Stars, June 18th, Corvus, the Crow

Storytellers, June 24, Sal Fink: Mike Fink's Howling Daughter

Mythology and the Stars, June 25th, Andromeda and Cassiopeia

Storytellers, July 1st, The Legend of Johnny Appleseed

Mythology and the Stars, July 2nd, The Johnny Appleseed of the Sky, the Star, Mira

Storytellers, July 8th, The Legend of John Henry

Mythology and the Stars, July 9th, the Star Regulus, the Heart

Storytellers, July 15th, The Boy Who Lived with Bears

Mythology and the Stars, July 16th, Ursa Major, the Great Bear

Storytellers, July 22nd, The Pennsylvania Squonk, Part 1

Storytellers, July 22, The Pennsylvania Squonk, Part 2

Mythology and the Stars, July 23rd, Lupus, the Wolf

Special Summer Reading Program, July 17th, Lisa and the Bears

Storytellers, July 29th, How the Stars Fell into the Sky

Storytellers, July 29th Star Garland Craft Video

Storytellers, July 30th, Mythology and the Stars, Zodiac

Thanks for your participation! But it's not over yet!!

Sadly, our 2020 Imagine Your Story Summer Reading program is done for the year, but it's not completely over yet! Remember, our reading log has been extended through August 28th. You still have another two or so weeks to read and log in your minutes to win our some of our great 2020 Summer Reading Program prizes! Fablers, Bards, Storyteller, or Mythology and the Stars programs, give yourself 20 minutes of reading time for each one you watched.

We will notify the winners of the prizes the first week of September and we will schedule a visit for you to come in and pick them up. 

Don't forget, Storytime at the Hen House has now resumed after our summer break and you can find those programs on this website, on our Facebook page, or on youtube by searching for...yep...Storytime at the Hen House!!

Thank you everyone for making our virtual summer program a big success! We were venturing into new territory this year, but we survived and actually, did really well with the programs. We hope you enjoyed them. 

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