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Summer at Camp Half-Blood

Summer at Camp Half-Blood

Mondays at 2:00

Join us as we read and discuss Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.  We will make awesome crafts, have yummy snacks, and have lots of fun!  Registration is required so that we have enough supplies!

June 13 - It’s All Greek to Me - Everyone will get a copy of the book, then we will make a necklace with our names written in Greek. 

June 20 - I’m in which Cabin? - Pick a Greek God and design a flag for your Camp Half-Blood cabin. 

June 27 - Welcome to Aunty Em’s - While visiting Aunty Em’s, the trio sees many different statues and pottery.  We will be making our own Greek pots.

July 11 - Defying the Odds - Percy, Annabeth, and Grover help Ares retrieve his shield in exchange for information.  Shop in to decorate your own shield. 

July 18 - Lightning in a Bottle - As Percy gets closer to finding Zeus’s lightning bolt, we will create a fun bolt of lightning for ourselves.

July 25 - Camp Half-Blood Hero - Percy has returned to Camp Half-Blood a hero!  Make your own Camp Half-Blood t-shirt. 


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