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The Community Building elevator is temporarily out of order so steps are needed to access the library and museum. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may be to you.

No Tax Forms! - The PA Dept. of Revenue is no longer distributing paper tax forms to libraries. You may still come in an file online or print individually.

FREE online classes now offered under the "Learn Online" tab. One patron writes: "Dear Ms. Geiger, Thank you for offering thee free online classes. I'm taking two and have already had opportunity to apply new skills to benefit both my family and the community. I hope more people hear about these courses and give them a try!." Search for a course and give them a try! 

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Resource Page

Everyone On is a wealth of great online resources to help you learn and navigate the online environment. There are tutorials to learn web searching, computer skills, Microsoft products, job hunting, and things you haven't thought to ask for yet. Please take the time to browse and click freely.

Provides links to quotation, proverb, aphorism, and slogan sites, and the means for searching particular types of quotes.

National statistics from the U.S. Federal Government in the areas of Agriculture, Education, Income, Natural Resources, Crime, Energy, Labor, Safety, Demographics, Environment, National Accounts, Transportation, Economic, and Health.

Formswift Cover Letter Template for assistance with cover letter design

Formswift Resume builder to assist with creation of your resume.

Free Legal Forms Hub for comprehensive, up-to-date and user-friendly leagl forms.

There are 50 ebooks  listed to assist you with many categories of literature and reference. Please browse and use as often as you like. Click Gale Ebook Reference  to enter your library card barcode number.

A service of the U.S. Government Printing Office that provides free access to a wide array of databases and other online tools produced by the federal government. Includes the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Register (1994-    ), and published versions of bills (1993-    ).

Guide to Senior Safety  by Alarms.org

HealthCare.gov  to learn all about proposed changes in health care.