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The Indiana Free Library will be Temporarily Closed beginning Thursday February 14th until further notice for construction!

Tax Forms are being distributed through Senator Don White's office, Representative Jim Struzzi's office, the Senior Center, and the Indiana Mall. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No PA Tax Forms! - The PA Dept. of Revenue is no longer distributing paper tax forms to libraries. You may still come in to file online or print individually.

Fines will not accrue while the library is closed.

FREE online classes now offered under the "Learn Online" tab. One patron writes: "Dear Ms. Geiger, Thank you for offering thee free online classes. I'm taking two and have already had opportunity to apply new skills to benefit both my family and the community. I hope more people hear about these courses and give them a try!." Search for a course and give them a try!

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Resource Page

 Covers every day-to-daychange in the size. shape, location, name, organization, and attachment of each U.S. county and state from the creation of the first county in 1634 thru 2000.

Online version of the 1901 edition of Barlett's Familiar Quotations may be browsed by author (chronologically or alphabetically)

Full-text access to a variety of standard reference books, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Provides biographical information on the more than 13,000 persons who have served in the United States Congress, including those who served in the Continental Congress.

Tables of data from various Census Bureau programs, including profiles at national, state, and county levels.


College Database by the University of Texas

Searchable database of colleges and universities. Also Pennsylvania

Provides contact information for members of the United States Congress.

Provides information on the buying habits of American consumers, including data on their expenditures, income, and consumer unit (families and single consumers) characteristics.

Details of a country's political, economic, social, and national security systems and institutions.

Built by Simon Frazer University, CUFTS allows you to look up a journal title, see in which databases it is indexed, and what are the date ranges of full text coverage, if any.