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Children's Weekly Programs

                                                          June 10th thru August 1, 2019         




Little Explorers -  Join us as we explore the wonders of the night sky with stories, action-songs, and movement exercises. Especially for pre-readers birth to 2. 10:30 am



Astronaughts in Training - Our books, rhymes, and craft-activity will explore the wonders of space and the scientists who travel there to learn more about it. Especially for ages 3-5.  10:30 am

Galaxy Quest - Join the Galaxy Quest at IFL! We will be making crafts, discussing our favorite books, movies & music, and meeting new people. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, awsome snacks, and friendship. 10:30 AM for grade 5 and up.



Makers in Space -  This space-themed program introduces STEAM concepts through out-of-this-world building and art activities. (Activities are designed for 4-8 year-olds, but all families are welcome).  Especially for children ages three to five.  10:30 am.


Full STEAM Ahead! - This informal program provides an opportunity for children to experiment with our Science, Tech, Art, and Math Kits! All ages wecome! 7-8 PM for a fun-filled evening.



Tech Wizards - Do you want to learn to code? Learn about computer science, coding and more at Tech Wizard Training.  These classes will teach beginner programing ideas and build on each lesson. Registration is required and you need to be able to attend most of these classes.  Especially for grades 4-6.  10:30 am


Check the Events page  for information and updates on these and other special events in the Children's Department!