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Monday, January 22, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

The League of Women Voters of Indiana County in partnership with Fair Districts Indiana County is hosting a public presentation on gerrymandering and redistricting at 7:00 pm on Monday, January 22 at the Indiana Free Library (845 Philadelphia Street in Indiana). Our speakers will be Stanley Chepatix and Sid Reger. 

Currently, in Pennsylvania and across the country, there is a push to end gerrymandering - the practice of dividing voting districts to give one party a majority in many districts while concentrating the voting strength of the other party into as few districts as possible; thus, gerrymandered districts dilute the strength of citizens.  But every 10 years, voting districts are redrawn.  The next time our voting districts will be redrawn will happen after the 2020 census.  Citizens are working now throughout the state to urge our legislators to pass legislation that would appoint an impartial, independent citizens commission to direct the redistricting process.  

Free and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy, but these qualities are eroded when we live in gerrymandered districts.  Gerrymandering is a tough problem, but there is a solution.

To learn more about this problem and its solution, please join Fair Districts at this educational event.

Fair Districts is a nonpartisan, citizen-led, statewide coalition founded in part by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania working to create a process for redistricting that is transparent, impartial, and fair.

For more information about Fair Districts Indiana County, contact by email at fdpa.indiana@gmail.com or by visiting https://www.fairdistrictspa.com/local-groups/indiana-county.