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FREE online classes now offered under the "Learn Online" tab. One patron writes: "Dear Ms. Geiger, Thank you for offering thee free online classes. I'm taking two and have already had opportunity to apply new skills to benefit both my family and the community. I hope more people hear about these courses and give them a try!." Course List

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May I bring my dog into the library while I finish my cigarette?

Dogs are not permitted in the library unless they are a certified service dog for special needs. Smoking is also prohibited. Please read the other behaviors that will limit your use of the library:



(Adopted June 18, 2008.)


The following behaviors are not permitted in the Library or on Library grounds because they may either interfere with the enjoyment and use of the Library by other patrons, may be a health or safety hazard, or because they are not consistent with the mission of the Library.  Failure to comply with any part of this policy may result in the loss of Library privileges and/or legal action.

·         Being under the influence of alcohol, or selling, using or possessing alcohol on Library property.  It shall be permissible to consume and/or possess alcoholic beverages only during Library-sponsored events where alcohol is being served.

·         Being under the influence of illegal drugs, or selling, using or possessing illegal drugs on Library property.

·         Smoking and/or using tobacco products.

·         Using restrooms for meetings, loitering or for solicitation for immoral purposes or for the consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs.

·         Possessing and/or carrying a firearm and/or any other weapon.  This prohibition shall apply to all individuals except for any law enforcement officer engaged in his/her official capacity and/or duties.

·         Annoying, harassing or threatening another person, including but not limited to physical, sexual and/or verbal abuse, whether another Library user or Library staff.

·         Behaving in a disorderly, loud, or boisterous manner.

·         Having any animals except for a certified assistance animal.

·         Damaging and/or vandalizing library property.

·         Engaging in any activity in violation of federal, state, or local or other applicable law.

·         Engaging in solicitations without the approval of the Director.