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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you may, but you will need to understand our space limitations and the library's responsibility for donations: It is better to ask first if the library has a purpose for the donation:Gift Policy and Donor’s Acknowledgement Form

(adopted 19 May 2010)

The Indiana Free Library Welcomes Your Gifts…

The Indiana Free Library encourages donations that support our mission. 

The Indiana Free Library reserves the right to accept or decline any and all materials donated or gifted to the library. 

Gifts of tangible personal property that are accepted by the library shall become the unconditional property of the library. 

The Indiana Free Library shall have the right to make all decisions with respect to the retention, storage, processing, use, and disposition of any donated/gifted materials.  Materials gifted, including portions of collective gifts, may be exchanged with other libraries, offered for sale, or otherwise disposed of at the discretion of the Library Board.

Donors are granted the same right to access and use materials they have donated as other members of the public (i.e., materials may be accessed after they have been processed, during normal business hours, and in accordance with the Library’s then-current rules and regulations).

Any sale of donated or gifted items shall be conducted by an Ad Hoc Committee in an attempt to insure that the Library obtains the fair market value of any gifted and/or donated item to be sold.  

Dogs are not permitted in the library unless they are a certified service dog for special needs. Smoking is also prohibited. Please read the other behaviors that will limit your use of the library:



(Adopted June 18, 2008.)


The following behaviors are not permitted in the Library or on Library grounds because they may either interfere with the enjoyment and use of the Library by other patrons, may be a health or safety hazard, or because they are not consistent with the mission of the Library.  Failure to comply with any part of this policy may result in the loss of Library privileges and/or legal action.

·         Being under the influence of alcohol, or selling, using or possessing alcohol on Library property.  It shall be permissible to consume and/or possess alcoholic beverages only during Library-sponsored events where alcohol is being served.

·         Being under the influence of illegal drugs, or selling, using or possessing illegal drugs on Library property.

·         Smoking and/or using tobacco products.

·         Using restrooms for meetings, loitering or for solicitation for immoral purposes or for the consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs.

·         Possessing and/or carrying a firearm and/or any other weapon.  This prohibition shall apply to all individuals except for any law enforcement officer engaged in his/her official capacity and/or duties.

·         Annoying, harassing or threatening another person, including but not limited to physical, sexual and/or verbal abuse, whether another Library user or Library staff.

·         Behaving in a disorderly, loud, or boisterous manner.

·         Having any animals except for a certified assistance animal.

·         Damaging and/or vandalizing library property.

·         Engaging in any activity in violation of federal, state, or local or other applicable law.

·         Engaging in solicitations without the approval of the Director.

Yes you may! School tours are especially encouraged in the month of May as we set aside time from programs to allow for the scheduling of local school groups to tour the library before the end of the school year and Summer Learning or Summer Reading activities begin. Please see the following policies regarding school tours.



(adopted 19 May 2010)


The Indiana Free Library welcomes the opportunity to serve students.

School staff should contact the Children’s Librarian to schedule visits.

Visits will not be scheduled during established story times.

Students from private schools may check out materials using a valid Indiana Free Library card.

The school assumes the responsibility for all books checked out.

The Children's Librarian can offer an orientation to the library; further library instruction should be done by the school staff.

A rental room is available if the school wishes to teach library instruction at the library.

Library patrons may use street metered parking in the downtown area. There are two spots at the courthouse side of the building limited to 15 minutes only for picking up or dropping off books. Please refrain from using any staff or museum parking at the side of the building. There is handicapped parking available at the courhouse side and back parking lots of the building. The parking lots in the vicinity are not for library use.

Are you creative, crafty, and love kids? Do you like trying out new ideas? Are you good at organizing, planning and getting people involved? The Indiana Free Library is looking for a dynamic, energetic, and highly motivated person who can offer programming using traditional and trendy means for area children both inside or outside the library. Patience with children, outstanding customer service, enthusiasm and a sense of humor are needed to promote this area resource for children and families. Promoting services and a love of reading is the focus of this position and will include developing promotional materials linking families to library services.

Prior experience with children’s programming is a must. The position is part-time, non-exempt, and includes at least one evening per week and Saturdays. Preference will be given to those with Library Science credits marketing skills, and/or an educational background.  A full job description is available here. Resumes may be sent with required clearances and three references to 845 Philadelphia Street, Indiana Pa, 15701.  No calls please.



Indiana Free Library

January 2017

Job Description

Children’s Programming and Marketing Coordinator


Reports to: Director coordinates with Children’s Librarian and staff.

Part-time, hourly, approx. 25-30 Hrs/Wk, Non-exempt


Class specifications are intended to present a descriptive list of the range of duties performed by employees in the class. Specifications are not intended to reflect all duties performed within the job.

This non-exempt, part-time position does require regular Saturday and evening hours and possible irregular hours for occasional or annual events.

Job Objective: To create exciting programs or events which promote reading and literacy, and facilitate interactions with area families in all channels of communications.

This position is about engaging families in library activities and using any and all methods of communication to promote library services and programs to area families.

Reports to: Library Director and coordinates with Children’s Librarian and other staff. Some supervision and coordination with volunteers when appropriate.


Essential functions and Responsibilities

·         Assist in the Children’s Department to bring about lively, creative weekly programming.

·         To create events that engage families or age specific groups in literacy and learning based activities.

·         To use communications such as posters, email, departmental calendars, flyers, mailings, press releases, website appropriate entries, social media, presentations or any communication that will reach families regarding library services and activities.


Additional Job Duties

Prepares bulletin boards, banners, crafts, displays of library materials, program lists, reading lists and assists with children’s department reports and communications. May participate in library activities, staff meetings and trainings as required.  Conducts library tours. Performs other related work as requested.

Work Environment: Most work is performed in the office-type setting of the Children’s Department. Occasional events may involve outdoor settings.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


1.      Ability and skill at project management, planning and organizational skills are essential.

2.      General knowledge of children’s books and authors.

3.      General knowledge of Dewey Decimal Classification System and Sears subject headings.

4.      Ability to analyze and evaluate work procedures and to exercise appropriate judgment in establishing priorities and work methods.

5.      Ability to communicate effectively in all formats, oral, written and online.

6.      Outstanding enthusiasm for customer service and positive staff support.

7.      A good working knowledge of Children’s games, activities and crafts ideas.

8.      Ability to supervise volunteers and others in assigned area.

9.      Ability to use personal computer resources and printers with reasonable speed and accuracy.

10.  Knowledge of communication software and resources to promote and market services.

11.  Ability to design and distribute marketing materials for programs and activities. 


Tools and Equipment Used:

Computer, Internet resources, email, graphic software, social media, as well as educational equipment. Office equipment such as computer and software, paper cutter, fax, copy machine, telephone system and postage meter.


Physical and Mental Requirements

Must be physically able to operate machinery and equipment including office equipment such as computers, calculators, copiers, printers, fax machine, and paper cutter.

Work involves some lifting of boxes of books and/or periodicals, and pushing, and pulling of handcart or other type of loaded book cart. Ability to bend, stoop and lift books and boxes with books. Ability to meet children at their level, which may involve bending, stooping, sitting, squatting or kneeling if needed on a regular basis. Ability to meet the physical and emotional demands of working with children and families. Ability to sit and use computer workstation, including keyboard and visual display monitors, for extended periods, ability to on occasion travel out in the community for communications or events.


Education, Experience, and Training

Preferred is a Bachelor’s degree in Library Science, communications/marketing , liberal arts, education or any equivalent combination of training and experience, which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. Background in education and experience working with children is preferred. Preference will be given to those with significant experience with children’s programming and/or marketing.


Additional Qualifications:

Skills in marketing are a plus and may require special training in graphic presentations.




All employees and volunteers of the Indiana Free Library are required by the Board of Trustees to supply the library with a current copy of an Act 34 and Criminal Background clearance form to be kept of file as a condition of employment.


The Indiana Free Library is a drug-free workplace and a family friendly environment. Any use of tobacco, firearms, alcohol or illegal drugs will not be tolerated.


The statements contained in this job description reflect general details as necessary to describe the principal functions of this job, the level of knowledge and skill typically required and the scope of responsibility. It should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work requirements. Individuals may perform other duties as assigned, including other functional areas to cover absences or provide relief, to equalize peak work periods or otherwise to balance the workload.



Are you able to perform the essential functions of this job, with or without accommodation?


Yes____________        No____________



I understand the objectives and basic functions of this position. I will follow library procedures and support library policies in my work. I will responsibly carry out the duties of employment.




Signature                                                                                                             Date


Yes we do, please call the Reference Desk to schedule and get more details.

The library  requires cardholders to present their IFL cards when materials are borrowed so that the materials will be checked out to the proper account. Our system also works better if the number is scanned from the card. There may be other residents who have the same name or similar names, and by asking to scan your card library staff members are making sure that your account remains secure. [Please DO NOT allow others to check out materials on your card. If they do, you are legally responsible for any activity on your card.]

Answer - Each cardholder has the chance to access their individual library accounts through the “My Account” feature of the online catalog. To access your account you must first receive a “Patron or Alternate ID Number” and PIN, or personal identification number, by visiting the Front Desk of the library. PINs may be changed after the account has been activated.

Materials can be renewed online unless one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • The card has expired or been blocked
  • The material’s renewal limit has been reached
  • The material is overdue
  • The library user has any unpaid fines
  • The material is on hold

For more information call (724-465-8841 Ext 5 ) for the Front Desk.

Answer - Come in person to the Front Desk and bring proof of your current address, such as Driver's License, utility bill or other "Proof of Residency" identification. We will make a card for you. There is no cost if you live within the Indiana School District. There is a $25.00 annual membership fee for those living outside the Indiana School District. Replacement cards may be purchased for .50 cents. If you have a current card with an AccessPA sticker from your home library, in another service area, an IFL card can be issued to you for FREE with Proof of Address.