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2018 Partners in Success

In recognition of our donors whose gifts make it possible for our community to share in the benefits of a free, public library.

“Everything you need for [a] better future and success has already been written. And guess what? All you have to do is go to the library.” Henri Amiel


The Alexandria Society

($5,000 +)


The Library of Alexandria, Egypt, was constructed in the 3rd century BC. The Library’s vast holdings of papyrus scrolls made it one of the largest and most significant libraries in the ancient world. Much of the library’s storehouse of knowledge was destroyed by fires set by Roman invaders.

Armstrong Power, LLC (2018)

Michael and Kitty Hood (2018)

William and Candice Spadafora (2018)

The New Century Club (2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012)

Anonymous (2018, 2016)

The Doverspike Family Fund (2017)

First Commonwealth Bank (2015, 2011)

Fraternal Order of Eagles (2012)

Joan C. Schmitt (2016)

RSM Company (2009)

Donald C. Hogan (2008)

Flower Gallery (2008)


The Carnegie Society

($1,000 -- $4,999)Andrew Carnegie was one of the most famous American industrialists of the late 19th century. A Scottish émigré, he settled in Pittsburgh where he eventually focused on steelmaking. In 1901 he sold his mills that were combined with others to form U.S. Steel. Carnegie devoted much of his fortune to philanthropy including the establishment of almost 1,700 free public libraries in the United States. Carnegie believed that, “A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people.”



Vidvuds & Jenna-Marie Celtnicks

Terry & Donna Griffith

George Hood

Joan McCreary

Richard & Joyce Magee

Fred & Ellen Musser

Gian Pagnucci & Edel Reilly

Sara Steelman

Dr. Timothy Wilson

Mary Lou Zanich



Fraternal Order of the Eagles

Indiana Kiwanis Club Foundation


The Franklin Library Company

($500 -- $999)


Benjamin Franklin was a printer, statesman, and scientist. He also formed the first lending library in the United States in 1731. Subscribers to the Library Company of Philadelphia each contributed money to purchase books that they then could share among themselves. Books were rare and expensive, and such sharing expanded access to more books than an individual could afford. This system later evolved into the free public libraries we know today.




Robert Eddy

Sherene Hess

Ronald Orr

Ed & Olga Platt

Michael & Heather Powers

Esther Shane

John Sitton

Deanna Snavely

Richard Stewart

Gordon Thornton

Robert & Cindy Watta

Ray & Mindy Wygonik



Friends of Senator Don White

Precision Physics Services, LLC

S & T Wealth Management


The Dewey Book Club

($300 -- $499)

Melvil Dewey was influential in the development of American libraries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He is best known for his work on a system for classifying books that would make it easy to organize and find those books on library shelves. The Dewey Decimal System was copyrighted in 1876 and is still used as a way of organizing books by knowledge area. Dewey was also a founder of the American Library Association.



John & Ellen Chin

Tom & Sara Crum

Francis T. Fruehstorfer

Shenggao & Xianwen Han

Linda Jones

Tom Miller

Jim & Poom Taylor

George & Joan Rittenberger



Colonial Motors Mart

First Commonwealth Bank

First Commonwealth Bank Finance Department

Greek Catholic Union -District 4


The Mary E. Ahern Club

 ($150 -- $299)

Mary Eileen Ahern is considered a leading figure in the modern library movement. She was an active organizer of libraries and focused especially on small rural libraries. Ahern edited a journal, Public Libraries, that provided information and advice for new librarians. She was a strong advocate for the role of libraries in educating the public arguing that the public library “is the broadest of teachers, one may almost say the only free teacher….it is the only real people’s college.”



Francisco Alarcon & Lydia Rodriguez

Dave & Liz Antolik

Terry & Elaine Blair

Gail Berlin

Heather Brown

Bruce & Carole Bush

James Carino

Charles & Donna Cashdollar

Richard Cassel

Ken & Pricilla Coles

Susan Comfort

Julia Cuccaro

Don & Jan Daugherty

Jack & Susan Delaney

Steve & Crystal Deemer

Rees Derwart

Ernie & Denise Draganza

Russell & Kathleen Drozdiak

Kim Dubinsky

Debbie Dudt

Don & Melissa Dunlap

Diane Duntley

Fred & Pat Heilman

Bethany Jackson

Bruce Jenkins

Ron & Dianne Johnson

Mikayla Jones

Jim & Stephanie Jozefowicz

John Kilmarx

Ted & Sherry Kuckuck

Mark & Janet Luckas

Chuck & Peach Mack

Carol Maderer

William & Grace Marlin

Paul & Gail McCauley

Bruce & Helen Mehus

Linda Michael

Edward & Sylvia Mileff

Larry & Geri Nath

Charles & Louise Peterman

Bill & Leslie Rettig

Christopher Robertshaw

Rod & Ellen Ruddock

Richard & Carla Sandbothe

Barry & Celinda Scott

Carl & Linda Steel

James & Poom Taylor

Larry & Jean Turton

Linda Valeski

Ruiess Van Fossen Bravo

Charlie & Gina Venturella

Sandy Whitson

Jim & Jackie Wiley

Jim Wilson

Ken & Jean Wilson

George & Theresa Wise



Colonial Motor Mart

Indiana Eye Care, Inc.


The Literary League  ($1 - $149)

Lillian Adami

Affinity Health Services

David & Peggy Akers

Rebecca Allshouse

Tim & Janice Allshouse

Debbie Alsippi

American Home Legion Association

Christina Anderson

Ronald Anderson

Jim & Christine Antis

Jack & Cindy Armstrong

Geraldine Ashbaugh

Jim & Judy Ashbaugh

Paul & Jean Ballas

John & Gretchen Barbor

Robert & Christina Baron

Carol Barry

Rosella Barto

Andrew & Monica Bednar

Steve & Joy Behr

John Bellak

Paul & Linda Ben-Zvi

Brandi Bertolino

Gene & June Bicego

Jennifer Blystone

Susan Boser

Sam & Fredaline Bowers

Mary Jo Bowes

Faye Bradwick & Don Lancaster

Krupa Brahmbhatt

Joseph Bratton

Jindarat Brewer

Jeannie Broskey

Andrew & Paula Browe

Peggy Buckley

Marcia Buriok

Dora Burkett

Sandra Burwell

Allan & Dorothy Campbell

Lorraine Campbell

Ken & Sandy Carr

Jose & Carmella Carranza

Frank & Sally Catonese

Larry Catlos

Calvancia Orthodontic Group, PLLC

John & Mary Jane Chakot

Anna Mae Chauby

Gay Chow

Davis Chicola

Don & Lois Clark

Helen Clark

Jim & Pat Clark

Barbara Cleland

Zack & Counrtney Collins

Wayne Conners

Rebecca Cornman

Hillary Creely

Mary Ann Crock

LTC (R) Gregory Davis

Wayne & M. Elaine Davis

Linda Deabenderfer

Arthur Dean

Stanley Degory

Delaney & Fritz, P.C.

Rosalind Dibiasi

James & Susan Dickson

Bill & Pat Dietrich

Jeffery & Sherri DiGiorgio

Arthur & Marilyn Dilg

Gary & Joanne Dilts

Beatty Dimit

Vito & Donna DonGioanni

Kevin & Kimberly Dodds

Patrick & Amy Dougherty

Denise Dragich

Lenore Dreisbach

Mike & Anita Duffalo

David & Martha Dyott

Herb & Jane Eckman

Darl& Joyce Elgin

Ronald Emerick

Environmental Pest Management, Inc.

George & Kaen Evans

Susan Ewen

Randy & Susan Evans

Margaret Eyer

Judy Fairbanks

Beth Ann Faning

Richard & Virginia Farabaugh

Susan Fello

Janice Filipovich

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Indiana

Paula Fleming

Charles & Diana Flinn

Ronald & Jodie Francis

Charles Frank

Ron Freda & Joyce Rizzo

Barbara Freidt

Thomas Frick

Sarah Furgiuele

Walter & Eleanor Gallati

Jim & Dee Garrettson

Jon & Beverly Gascoine

Cliff & Julie Geary

Joe & Nancy Geary

Bill & Kate Geiger

Susan Gelfano

Robert Gendron

Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania c/o Dottie Neal

William & Margaret Goldstrohm 

Robert & Acey Gongaware

Philip Gordon

Richard Gradwell

Vince & Krista Grattan

Mary Grove

Royden & Carolyn Grove

Mary Haberl

Lawrence Hardick

Mary Dorcas Clark Harley

Beth Ann Harrington

Dennis & Rita Hayes

Mary Ellen Heaton

Colleen Hegland

Chelsea Herbruck

Peggy Lepley-Herman

Colleen Hertzog

Elaine Holmes

Alan Holsinger

Charles & Regan Houser

John & Arla Howlett

Ruth Hurley

Louis & Carolyn Idzojtic

Indiana County Chamber of Commerce

Laura Irvin

Bernadette Jablunovsky

Sandra Jaxheimer

Linda Jennings

Alex & Rosemary Juhasz

Arlene Jones

Andy & Kate Kachur

Georgann Kachur

Krys & Ola Kaniasty

Donald & Rebecca Kaskan

Pat & Jan Keating

Edward Kennedy

Stan & Deanna Kesler

Frank & Hastie Kinter

Thomas & Cathy Kitchen

Julieann Knox

Nicholas & Jane Kolb

Lawrence & Pamela Konieczny

Johann & Rita Kornberger

Rich & Patty Kornywchak

Joe & Susan Kovaleski

Christine Krager

Charles & Dolores Kravetsky

Kathy Kunkle

Lucille Kuzemchak

Dorothy Kuzneski

Joyce Kuzneski

Kathleen Lambert

Gertrude Langham

Nancy & Robert Lankard

Erick & Betsy Lauber

Barbara Laughlin

Mary Lewandowski

Nancy Lezark

Lias Tite, Inc.

David Lieb

Glenna Lincoff

Raymond & Susan Lindsay

Marjorie Little

Robert & Linda Lloyd

Nick & Brenda Lonetti

Anson Long

Cynthia Long

Russell & Georgeann Long

David Loomis & Anne Kondo

Lon & Karen Lowman

Laurie Lubold

Donald & Joan Magas

Timothy & Nancy Magill

Paul & Susan Majoris

James & Sandra Manclark

Charlotte Manges

Jim & Marcy Martin

William Martin

Vince & Donna Mayausky

Laurie McAfoose

Peggy McClelland

Joseph & Susan McCombie

Ronald McCrory

Deborah McCuthcheon

McDonald's of Indiana/Blairsville

Skip McGreevy

Kevin McKee

Ron & Joan McLean

Ronald & Lois McNutt

Timothy & Donna McQuaide

Stephen Mester Jr.

Barbara Miller

Craig & Holly Miller

Norman & Mildred Miller

William Miller

Mark Milner

Evelyn Mindo

Dennis & Debra Montgomery

Norman & Rose Montgomery

John Mueller

Elaine Myers

Paul Myers

Debra Nardecchia

Craig & Dottie Neal

Bonnie Nesbit

Robert & Nancy Oblinsky

Ernest & Phyllis O'Hara

James & Patricia O'Hara

Tom & Rita Ott

Dorothy Palmer

Jim & Diane Palulina

Ernest & Carol Ann Pesci

Bernie & Michelle Petrosky

John Petrosky

Gerry Pfeffer & Cindy Virgil

Jerry & Susan Pickering

Lizanne Porter

Maurice & Margaret Porter

Judith Radell

Gerald & Karen Ready

Roopa Reddy

Heather Redinger

Annabelle Reigel

Mary Lou Repsher

Cindy Richburg

John & Elizabeth Ridenour

James Rihs

Margaret Robinson

Elizabeth Rohacheck

Roseann's Everyday Gourmet Inc.

Randy & Virginia Rosenberger

Carole Rossi

Bert & Karen Ross

Jay Rubin

Daniel Sadler

Carol Schlemmer

Carl Schneider

Kevin & Corine Schrecengost

Gould & Peggy Schrock

Frank & Barbara Sebastian

Robert & Gail Sechrist

Ron & Noreen See

Albert & Arlene Selsky

David Serene

Elaine Settelmaier

Rick Sharbaugh

Diana Sheppard

Anthony & Jodie Seybold

Audrey Shaffer

Mark & Susan Shoplan

Serena Shotts

Ron & Joyce Sidmore

Bill & Pat Simmons

Pauline Simms

Frank Simone

Edward Sloniger

Brad & Deidre Smith

Edward Smith 

Kay Smith

Rebecca Snyder

Shirley Mae Spangler

Christine Spielman

Nelson & Judith Stahlman

Roseann Staniscia

James Staples

Rick & Suzanne Stear

Pamela Stefanon

Victor & Eleanor Stelma

Jean Stelmak

Margaret Stempien

Rachel Sternfeld

Chuck & Carole Stewart

Kenneth & Linda Stewart

Larry & Susan Stewart

Tom Stossel

Marijana Stovic

AnneMarie Swanlek

Augusta Syty

James Szalankiewicz

Divid & Irene Tabish

Eugene & Rebecca Thomas

Nylene Thomas

Joseph Trimarchi

Shafic & Marie Twal

John & Hollie Uccellini

United Way of Indiana

Janr Van Steenkist

J.D. & Darla Varner

Marjorie Vatter

Richard & Lura Vereb

Connie Vetter

Larry & Edwina Vold

Francine Walker

Lesa Walker

George & Georgetta Wallace

George & Bernadette Walz

Bill & Janet Waryck

Cheryl Wegener

Ron & Peggy Weirs

Barbara Welsh

Susan Welsh

Nancy Westburg

Angela Whited

Robert & Helen Whitmer

Tina Wiggins

William G Mechling Insurance Agency

Carol Williams

Diana Williamson

Michael Williamson

Harry & Barbara Wilson

Scott & Debra Winters

Women of the Moose

Rick & Bev Wissinger

Mary Yanity

Dave & Donna Yarnal

Ellen Yerger

David & Beverly Young

Keith & Kim Young

Ron & Donna Yvanek

Mary Lou Zenisek

Gilbert & Joan Zilner

Ann Nealen Ziner

Walter & Shirley Zundel




Nike Fashion